Cultural inmersion at Willoq

  • Cultural inmersion at Willoq
  • Cultural inmersion at Willoq

Our program takes place at Willoq community

The Andean people kept amazing traditions from tgier ancestors Incas, and nowdays Peru by Lacals is able to connect you with this beautiful living culture. Thier textile art is one of the oldest textile traditions of the World and it became one of the most developed during the time of the Incas due to the use of different materials and techniques (result of its hybrid culture gained from the conquests of others) ethnicities . The Incas were able to produce a variety of clothing and everyday items.

The Andean textiles are an open book of codes, symbols and information, it was used in the Andes as a form of writing or language made-up of visual metaphors that convey cosmology and cultural patterns.

Our programs are from one day to multy day programs, where you will be able to participate in harbvesting, weaving, cooking, or any other activities that family have deoending in the season.

Things you need to know

1.- Willoq people only speak Quechua (Inca language) people under 35 speak Spanish so, you may consider learning little bit of Spanish but, dont worry of you dont speak any Spanish because nay program we offer you is accopanied with Quechua, English and Spanish speaking guide. that will tarnslate all for you.

2.- If you are choosing more than one day program, yuo will sleep on thier home that they accomodated clean and small beds.

3.- Consider brining warm cloths because thier home dont have heaters.


The family will provide you with meals based in organic food such as quinua, corn, potatoes every day and if you are vegetarian or have any allergies thats not problem for them at all.

We accommodated clean beds in their houses; you will have a nice bed to sleep every night.

Price: the prices depends on the number of people and the number of days you want to stay

Are you ready to take part of this amazing experince?

Email us to:, our experts will give you the best advice.



Secure your Inca Trail spot for the season 2020 and join us for this amazing adventure of life time.


Useful information

Things you should know before knowing our city.