Seasons in Peru:

The weather in the Andean Mountains of Peru is always unpredictable because of the geographical conditions. In general, the mountain area has a cold and dry climate, and in the north the rains are more frequent.

September to May is the rainy season, so be prepared and expect anything from sunshine, to light showers, even and thunderstorms. You always have to carry rain jacket and poncho with you, but please don’t forget the sun block! Temperatures can change from 7° C / 45° F to 27° C / 80° F in the same day, so be sure to carry different layers of clothing.

In winter, from March to August, temperature drop below 0 degrees at nights, but the day temperatures can rise to a very warm, up to 27° C / 80° F. In the high mountains areas, the night temperatures can drop to below freezing point. But rest assured, the camping equipment provided by PERU BY LOCALS will keep you warm and snug.

Additionally, our Inca trail trek passes through ten bio-zones ranging from high altitude alpine conditions to high jungle. During a sunny day you can expect temperatures of about 18–25°C (65–77°F), however on the second day the weather is very unpredictable and temperatures can drop to 6°C (42°F) during the day at the pass (but you won’t spend a lot of time up there). The Machu Picchu area has a humid climate and tends to be warmer, since it is located at a lower altitude and near to the Amazon jungle. The average temperatures at Machu Picchu are between 23°C to 25°C (73°F and 77°F), with the minimum temperature around 18°C (64°F). 



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