Machu Picchu Tour Full Day



Private Machu Picchu tour by train – Full Day

Visit the iconic Incan city of Machu Picchu in a day trip, traveling by very scenic train ride through farms lands, view snowy mountains in the Urubamba valley, some Incas sites, this day tour is all-inclusive, we will have train tickets, Machu Picchu entrance ticket, bus ride, pickups, guides meals ready so you don’t worry about anything but enjoy your day trip with top guides around and excellent service.

We look forward to welcoming you on this unforgettable trek, guaranteed to leave you breathless….from the views!

Discovering Machu Picchu by train ride is the perfect journey for your vacation, especially when you do not want to hike for multiple days, it is the perfect boutique vacation ina day tour¡ contact us at our 24/7 number +51 989585967 or email us at and join us on this spectacular journey to Mach Picchu.

High lights

  • Tour with our passionate local guides that guided Machu Picchu more than 1000 times
  • Enjoy our private service
  • Savor the Peruvian cuisine in of the top restaurants in Machu Picchu town
  • Enjoy the scenic Vista dome train ride to Machu Picchu town


  • Type of tour: Private  service, historical and  train ride
  • Level of service: Confort
  • Duration:1 day
  • Starting location: Cusco /Sacred Valley
  • Group size: This tour is only offered in private service, for you to enjoy fully this day journey to the 7th World Wonder.

Our guides: PERU BY LOCALS was a dream that came through in 2015 for Jose Condor who guided tour at Machu Picchu from 2004 until today and have been to Machu Picchu over  1000 times, now Peru by Locals has a group of top guides around among men and women that had a professional degree and get refresh training every.

Peru by Locals is not only a travel company but a group of great leaders that love sharing our culture with you and love being with travelers.

Eco–friendly company for a planet

  Climate change is happening fast that encouraged us to be environmentally conscious and going green inspired us as well as people over the world, we believe that small eco-friendly decisions can add up to a huge difference to our planet, the reason we created environmentally – sustainable itineraries in all our trips. We are taking action because we know we can help

  • We use only Biodegradable washing soaps, detergent in our treks and tours
  • We bring camping lights that are solar rechargeable and not disposable batteries
  • We pack food in reusable bags on our treks and bring minimum plastic packaged ingredients
  • We encourage our guests to bring water bottles or canteens to refill them up and not buy plastic bottled water
  • We encourage our team to do what we do including on their homes


 Machu Picchu Tour – Itinerary

One day before the Machu Picchu tour your guide will meet you in your hotel in Cusco to brief you and give you the last details about the tour, also he will collect the rest of the payment for the tour in cash, thank you.

On the morning of your Machu Picchu tour, you will be transported to the train station in Cusco to catch the train to the town of Aguas Calientes, which takes about three and half hours. The journey by train is stunning – the views change from highlands to cloud forest, and along the way, you will be able to see snow-capped mountains, villages, farms, etc.

Once you arrive in Aguas Calientes, your guide will meet you at the train station and then you will take the bus to Machu Picchu for a three-hour tour. Be prepared for a flood of emotions and serious goosebumps at your very first picture of Machu Picchu.

Your guide will give you a detailed tour of the culture and history of Machu Picchu. You will visit the main temple, the Temple of the Condor, Inca king palace, the stone quarry and the solar observatory, terraces, etc.

After your Machu Picchu tour you will have time to explore Machu Picchu at your leisure, either to take more pictures or just seat in a quiet place to meditate, so be sure to bring your camera. The weather is very unpredictable too – it may be sunny and warm, while the next minute the rain clouds roll in, so be sure to come prepared for cold and rains, but don’t forget your sun cream either.

In the afternoon you will take the bus down to the train station at Aguas Calientes, where you will catch the train back to Cusco. At the Cusco train station, one of our representatives of Peru by Locals will meet you and transport you back to your hotel in Cusco.

Inclusions & exclusions

Inclusions on the Machu Picchu Tour

  • Pick up from and to your hotel, it can be from Sacred valley
  • Vista dome Train tickets from Cusco to Aguas Calientes – round trip
  • Bus tickets from Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu – round trip.
  • Entrance tickets to Machu Picchu
  • Professional guide
  • Lunch in Machu Picchu town at Indio Feliz

Exclusions on the Machu Picchu Tour

  • Apreciacions, water

Additional options

Machu Picchu tour  – Additional options

Machu Picchu Mountain Machu Picchu mountain is a taller mountain than Huayna Picchu and offers you spectacular views of Machu Picchu and its surroundings. Our clients said before that it is better than Huayna Picchu and to get to the top it will be about 1,5 h and another 1,5 hours back down. The tickets are usually available almost all the time and not like Huayna Picchu.  $ 70
Huayna Picchu Huayna Huayna Picchu tickets must be booked in advance since permits are limited to 400 per day and they are divided into 2 groups – the first from 7 to 8 am and the second from 10 to 11 am. This hike is very well known in the world because the views are beautiful. $ 70
Overnight in Aguas Calientes If you wish to stay a  night in Aguas Calientes after touring or before touring Machu Picchu, just let us know and we will arrange your train ticket back to Cusco for the desired date. We can reserve your hotel too at an additional cost and will depend on the type of hotel. Various prices


Price per person : $ 390

If you looking to travel for a honeymoon this is for you and you let us know you are doing this hike, for this reason, we will make it even more special, or are you planning to propose to your, life partner? we will help with that planning too.


Students: discount of $25, but you have to supply us with a copy of your ISIC card when booking the  Machu Picchu tour with us.

Children up to 15 years of age will be considered as students, under the condition that you supply us with a copy of the passport at the time of booking.

Book Now

For us to reserve your spot on the tour, you need to send us the following information: Full names, passport number, nationality, age, and gender of each member in the group. As the next step, you are required to make the relevant deposit of US$ 50 using PAY PAL as indicated below: Once we have both, we will confirm your booking with us. Thank you very much for choosing Peru by Locals, we’ll make sure you will have the best experience.

Deposit for Day Tour

What to bring

Original passport – Please, remember to bring your original passport and has to be a current one, if you have acquired a new one after you made your booking, bring both the one you use for booking your trip and the new one, the information you provided us in time of your booking have to match with your tickets in the Inca trail, the reason we ask you for your personal information when you book the trip.

Sun hat – as some days can be hot and sunny, we recommend you to bring a sun hat that can keep the sun off your face

Sunscreen – SPF 35+ recommended



Bug spray

Rain gear – Rain jacket, or poncho, if you don’t have any of those you can buy one in Cusco

Frequently asked questions

How long before should I book the  Machu Picchu tour?

  • The  Machu Picchu permits are limited and we recommend you book your trip in advance especially from April to August, as this is the busy season.
  • The availability applies to Machu Picchu itself and not to any tour operators

Do I need to adjust to altitude to visit Machu Picchu?

Forgoing to Machu Picchu there is no need to adjust to the altitude since Machu Picchu is located under 8,000 ft

Do I need to bring cash on this tour?

You should consider bringing money, as you may want to buy bottled water, snacks, or small souvenirs while wandering in Aguas Calientes before the train ride back to Cusco or to tip your guide.

Do I need to carry my own medicine or first aid?

If you need any special medication or you have a special medical condition, please, contact your doctor to get the best advice before coming to Peru.

Can I enter Machu Picchu with my backpack?

You are allowed to take into Machu Picchu backpacks up to 20 liters, its always good to bag a small bag to keep sun cream, water, or any other item you may have while touring the place.

Can I pay the rest of the balance on the credit card or does it have to be in cash?

We take the balance of the payment in cash, so you won’t need to pay extra fees, Of course, you can use PAY PAL or CREDIT CARD, but you will need to pay the fees that are usually over 6%.

On the day of your briefing when your guide will meet you, one of the representatives will meet you too to collect the rest of the balance for your trek.

Book Now

For us to reserve your spot on this Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, you are required to send us the following information below )details): full names, passport number, age, gender, nationality and make the relevant deposit of US$200 per person using PAY PAL as indicated below:

When you have sent us the information of each person, made your deposit using PAYPAL and once we have both, we will confirm your tour. Thank you so much for choosing PERU by LOCALS.

If you have any questions, send us an e-mail at:



Inca trail is open, join us on this amazing adventure to Machu Picchu


Useful information

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